It's Your Money... Let me get it back for you.

I advocate for men and women (especially seniors) who have been the victim of financial crimes. I empower my clients to reclaim their lost money by taking action on their behalf in a collaborative way so that their lost property (money, assets, reputation) is recovered and the relationship between the two parties is peacefully restored or terminated. I'll advocate for you and champion for justice if you've been cheated, mistreated, swindled. Retain me to restore your money, property, reputation.

It's your money... let me get it back for you.

Two examples:

You've sent $1200 to a man in England for a plane ticket to come see you, but the check has been cashed and he didn't appear. Not only once, but three times. You're getting the picture that you've been scammed by a catfish. You're angry, humiliated, hurt, feeling betrayed and bewildered. What will you do?

2. Or you, a single woman, paid a plumber almost $5,000 to do the rough plumbing and later install all the toilets and sinks in the house. But the "plumber" didn't install any of the pipes properly and you told him to remove them and do them again correctly, but he did them wrong again. He began to install the toilet and tub before the floor was installed, and put sink vanities on top of wet dirty floors... and then he told you he didn't know how to put a toilet together. He said his work was guaranteed, but you had to hire a second plumber to undo all the damage and do it properly and you never got your money back. You're sick about the loss of money, the time wasted and the extra expense of new materials and a second plumber. You've then heard from 3 other women to whom he did the same. You realize you've all been the target of a scammer. Will you let it go, or will you get your money back?


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These are "cases" I'm working on.

1. You can either make an appointment by email or send me a letter and attach copies of documents I can review to familiarize myself with your situation: Andrea Reynolds.

There is no fee for the first conversation in which you describe your situation and tell me specifically what you want the outcome to be.

In the next step I ask you some probing questions and ask for any additional copies of specific documents and support materials that may exist... all in complete confidence.

Once I have all the documents and evidence to go over, I then determine whether I can achieve success for you.

5. I then give you an estimate of the time and fee involved.

You then decide if you want to retain me to handle the case on your behalf and if so, provide a deposit.

I ask you to sign a promise that you will allow me to do the work on your behalf without interference.

I work hard on your behalf to reclaim the money, property or assets that are rightfully yours.

If I cannot achieve what we originally agreed upon, no matter how long it takes, then I will give you your money back, less any out-of-pocket expenses incurred, which you had approved.

You receive your money or property and/or apology.

Then you pay me the balance of the fee we agreed to.

12. We celebrate our victory.